What to eat: We asked co-owner Mike Sultan what's good. "Everything," he replied. Not wanting to take his word for it, we ordered a sampling of most of that day's menu. Turns out, Sultan was right. From the smoked pork carnitas with pickled vegetables and serrano aioli to the adobo-spiced carne asada beef torta with fried egg, cheese, red salsa and spicy creme, Taco Mondo instantly became one of our favorite food trucks in Philly.

Don't miss: Crispy brisket tacos with house-made barbecue sauce (13 ingredients) and slaw. The brisket is brined for 24 hours and brazed for five more. It's perfect. Also try a $3 empanada if they're on the menu. We had one with citrus-roasted chicken and cheese.

Details: Sultan and co-owner Carolyn Nguyen opened Taco Mondo in April, knowing that they could compete in a fairly crowded Philly taco market. Why? They're both experienced chefs with lots of street cred. Sultan and Nguyen are co-owners of the well-regarded Street Food Philly truck. "We try to do funky stuff," Sultan said. Almost everything is made from scratch at Taco Mondo, other than the bread and tortillas.

Where: We caught Taco Mondo at 33rd and Arch, but check @TacoMondo on Twitter or "Taco Mondo" on Facebook to get that day's location.