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Truck Stop: Good dogs at Hot Diggity 2

This is another one of those “eat a light breakfast” situations.

The basics: This is another one of those "eat a light breakfast" situations. Don't want to be showing up for a chili-dog session with anything less than a full appetite. Owner Keith Garabedian likes to get creative, but he typically starts with a juicy Sabrett hot dog on a perfectly toasted Liscio's Bakery roll (with just a dab of oil). From here, it is scientifically impossible to go wrong, lunchwise.

Options: If it's on the menu that day, try the Chorizo Chili Dog ($5), with chorizo chili, chipotle creme, pickled jalapeno and onions. The more traditional Bronx Bomber ($4.50) has sauerkraut, New York onion sauce and brown mustard. The Vietnamese Dog ($5) offers a lighter option, with pickled carrot and daikon, cucumber, cilantro, onions, jalapeno, spicy mayo and crushed peanuts. The Big Kahuna ($5) has grilled red onions, guava mustard, pineapple salsa and orange habanero aioli.

Exotic: Garabedian, who also owns the Hot Diggity restaurant on South Street, will occasionally throw some wild cards into his food-cart rotation, including wintertime reindeer meat hot dogs imported from Alaska, buffalo dogs from D'Angelo Bros. in the Italian market and Detroit Coney Dogs made with beef hearts. He also offers "vegetarian hot dogs," but that phrase makes us uncomfortable, so you'll have to ask him about those yourself.

Other stuff: House-made potato chips ($2), rotating flavors: Plain, sweet and spicy ginger, buffalo bleu cheese, herb and garlic, lime cilantro jalapeno. Wash it down with a craft soda ($2).

Where: At the Navy Yard, The Porch at 30th Street and elsewhere. Check Twitter @HD2Boogaloo for current location. They also do catering.