WHERE: Dilworth Plaza, er, Park. 15th and JFK, 215-587-2761.

THE LOWDOWN: Tiny, shiny glass cottage on the northwest corner of City Hall overlooks fountains of both newly refurbished Dilworth Park and LOVE Park. Six tables and a small corner counter inside. Lots of seating outside.

HOURS: Monday-Friday 7 a.m.-8 p.m., Saturday-Sunday 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

BACKSTORY: "Iron Chef" Jose Garces has big, important eateries all over town. This is his smallest and simplest, a satellite of Washington Square's upscale Cuban diner. Just one week old.

THE BEANS: Story goes that Chef himself selected them while traveling through Guatemala to research stock for his Locust Street restaurant, Garces Trading Co. Beans are roasted in Lambertville.

THE BREW: Regular drip'll do. For a real treat, order the cortadito, a 4-ounce double espresso plus sugar plus delicate foam top.

AMBIENCE: Listen to Buena Vista Social Club. Watch cars, double-decker tour buses and city buses circle. See people - politicians, commuters taking the new staircase to SEPTA's El and Broad Street lines, partakers of those cool new fountains, and lots and lots of passers-by - come and go. But you, you can just sit there.

BEYOND BEANS: Guava plus cream cheese plus puff pastry equals pastelito de guayaba, a creamy, tangy, crusty breakfast perfection. Have it warmed up, same as you'd have a heavenly empanada or dense pressed classic sandwich. Everything's served to go, but you're welcome to eat in.

PRICES: Drip coffee, $2 for 12 oz., $2.75 for 16 oz., Americano $2.25 for 12 oz., $2.75 for 16 oz., iced coffee $2.75 for 16 oz., single espresso $2.25, double espresso $2.75, latte $3.25, cappuccino, mocha or macchiato $3.50, cafe con leche or cafe Cubano $3, cortadito, $3.50.

Social stuff: @RosaBlancaPHL, philadelphia.rosablancadiner.com.