Where: 2831 Girard Ave.

The lowdown: High Point Cafe opened this chilled-out Brewerytown shop, its third location in the city, last December.

Hours: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Sunday.

Backstory: High Point set out to be more than just a new face in an old neighborhood. "Having a customized espresso bar has been a new concept for the area," said shop manager Becky Flax. People "who are used to going to a corner store to get a cup of Folgers . . . see what we can offer, and how amazing a really good cup of coffee can be." Flax said the shop has worked hard at becoming an integral part of the neighborhood. Community groups host meetings there. High Point donates pastries to an after-school program and coffee to area fundraisers.

Ambience: Quiet and cozy are the words that immediately come to mind when you stroll in from Girard Avenue. There's wi-fi, so you can park yourself at a table and get work done while you linger over a chai tea or Caffe Medici. The shop has a mezzanine space that you might want to call home - permanently. "It's the cozy nook," Flax said.

Beans: From True North Coffee Roasters, in Seattle, Wash., they're roasted at High Point's Mount Airy shop, at Carpenter Lane and Greene Street. Extra emphasis is placed on freshness. "We don't serve coffee that's more than an hour old," Flax said. "People know they can come in at any time and get a cup of really fresh coffee."

Hope you're hungry: High Point bakes all the obscenely good treats it sells. Demand is such that the company began taking on wholesale clients about a year ago. Work is under way on a Germantown property to house a commercial bakery and coffee-roasting operation. Flax recommends the sour-cream coffee cake, the sweet cheese galette or the sweet-potato pie crusts. Plenty of gluten-free snacks too, plus crepes and salads.

Prices: Drip coffee, $1.85-$2.35; espresso, $2.50-$3; chai tea, $3.10-$4.10; Caffe Medici, $3.50-$4.60; crepes, $6-$8; bagels, biscuits and scones, $2-$2.50; coffee cake, $3.25; gluten-free cupcake, $3.50.

Social stuff: Twitter: @High_Point_Cafe. Facebook: High Point Café