There are sexier choices than chicken salad on the globally inspired sandwich menu at Plenty, one cafe serving thoughtfully handcrafted food alongside serious handcrafted coffee.

Among the more exotic options are the excellent "New Orleans" made with spicy house-smoked tasso ham with apples, fig jam, and Gruyère, or the Korean-inspired "Seoul" stuffed with bulgogi-seasoned short ribs.

But a good simple chicken salad is shockingly hard to find. And Plenty, which makes everything fresh at both its Rittenhouse and East Passyunk locations, nails this American classic.

Tender chunks of moist breast tossed in mayo with just the right perk of grain mustard and cider vinegar to balance the dried cranberries.

Served on whole-grain Metropolitan Bakery bread, it's a reminder of how satisfying simple pleasures done right can be.

- Craig LaBan

Chicken salad sandwich, $9.75, Plenty Cafe, 1602 Spruce St., 215-560-8684;