Concept: Scott Kaplan aims to please, from omnivores to the pickiest of eaters. His Jerry's Kitchen serves up "creative twists on classic American food," with daily options for vegans and gluten-free customers. But, don't worry, there's plenty of meat, too.

The bottom line: "I really just wanted to have good food, whether it's a piece of chicken or a hamburger or something vegetarian," said Kaplan, whose wife, Eva, is a vegetarian. "I want a couple to come up and order a hamburger and a veggie item."

Menu: The menu rotates frequently, but when we caught up with Kaplan this week, he was selling the Vegan Cheesesteak ($8) with seared onions, peppers and seitan and homemade cheese wiz; the Black Bean-wa Burger ($8), a homemade black bean & quinoa burger with beet slaw, arugula and smoked onion mayo; and the Caprese Sandwich ($7) with fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil, arugula and Parmesan. The carnivore menu was extensive, including the Meatloaf Sandwich ($8) with beef gravy, sharp cheddar and pickled onions; the Pulled Chicken Sandwich ($8), with smoky chicken, homemade BBQ sauce and beet slaw; and the "Porker" ($8), a grilled pork loin with provolone, sautéed spinach and garlic mayo.

Drink: Definitely get a Sipp organic soda ($2). The company is based in Chester Springs. Lemon Flower soda with elderflower and tarragon is delicious and refreshing.

Truck: The bluish-purple Jerry's Kitchen truck features a large drawing of Kaplan's grandfather, Jerry Klein, who was Kaplan's mentor. He passed away in 2010. The truck's motto is "Carnivores. Vegetarians. Vegans. Rejoice!"

Where: Jerry's Kitchen was at Drexel's #foodtruckmecca, 33rd and Arch streets, this week; check @JerrysFoodTruck on Twitter or "Jerry's Kitchen Food Truck" on Facebook for daily location.

Daily News reporter William Bender still doesn't understand the term "vegan cheesesteak," but it actually tasted pretty good. Got a food-truck tip? Tweet @wbender99.