Brunch at Noord near East Passyunk is one of Philly's most distinctive Sunday meals.

From the colorful house-smoked fish over rustic smørrebrød toast, to made-to-order frittatas stuffed with vinegar-braised rabbit, and a baked chicken with vegetable stew (plus two sunny side up eggs) tinted with Suriname curry, it's a testament to the diverse flavors that chef Joncarl Lachman draws from Holland and its colonial influences.

The meal's surprise delight, though, was a fresh take on a typical packaged Dutch treat, the stroopwafel, two wafers sandwiched around a sweet syrup filling so stiff that it usually requires the heat of a coffee cup to warm its center.

Noord uses a pizzelle-like iron to make its waffle cookies fresh each Sunday morning, then fills them with a buttery dark molasses center with just a hint of nutmeg and savory salt.

Flashed on the grill and powdered with sugar, they're an oozy, irresistible way to start the day.

- Craig LaBan

Stroopwafels, $7 at Sunday brunch, Noord, 1046 Tasker St., 267-909-9704.