The truck: Nice change of pace here in a food truck scene that's heavy on tacos and other Mexican fare. You can tell from a block away that Royal Tea Truck - a bright red and yellow truck featuring pandas and bubble tea - is bringing a bit of Chinatown to Drexel University's campus.

Specialty drinks: So. Many. Beverages. Specialties include the Royal Tea (green milk tea, pudding and tapioca), Iron Man (mango and passion fruit, popping boba and rainbow jelly), Spider Man (strawberry and lychee, rainbow jelly and lychee jelly) and The Hulk (green apple and lychee, aloe jelly and lychee jelly). All are $3.50 for regular and $4.50 for large.

Bubble teas: Try the milk teas with chewy bubbles (varieties include Thai, black, jasmine, coffee, Oreo and taro) or the refreshing shaken teas (varieties include lychee, green apple, passion fruit, mango and honey green tea) with addictive little pieces of jelly at the bottom. We had the lychee. Tasty.

Sweet, not sweet: The polite staff will adjust the sugar level to your liking: 100 percent, 75 percent, 50 percent and none. How considerate!

Food: Have a bao, or three! (One for $3, three for $8.) They make the steamed Asian sandwiches with braised pork belly, stir-fried steak or fried fish. All have a sprinkling of crushed peanuts. Other snacks include Taiwanese popcorn chicken, chicken gizzard and fried crab sticks (all $4).

Location and hours: They've been on the street for about two months at 33rd and Market streets. Open from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Phone: 267-712-9092.

Social stuff: Find them on Facebook at "Royal Tea Truck" and Twitter at @RoyalTeaTruck.

Daily News reporter William Bender is about one bubble away from bursting, but if you've got a good food-truck tip he'll check it out. Tweet: @wbender99