The truck: Mike's Steaks, aesthetically, is a complete 180 from Unique Greek, the pastel-splashed truck featured in this space last month. Mike's looks like . . . a metal box. Basically, like every other nondescript food cart you've ever seen.

However: Mike's Steaks landed on our radar about six months ago when local writer Dan McQuade wrote in Playboy that Mike's makes one of the best cheesesteaks in town. In fact, McQuade ranked Mike's No. 4, wedged between heavy hitters Dalessandro's in Roxborough and Jim's on South Street. Bold statement, McQuade. Very bold.

Verdict: Mike's Steaks took this reporter back to the $5-or-less sandwiches that got me through college - in approximately five and a half years. The first bite into the mushroom, pepper and onion cheesesteak triggered a wave of nostalgia. I probably wouldn't go so far as to rank Mike's among the very best in the city, but it could easily be the city's best budget cheesesteak. For $7.50 or less, you can get a sandwich, chips and a can of soda. Can't beat that.

Back to you, McQuade: "I think what I like most about Mike's is its consistency. I have never had a bad steak from Mike's - and I've had bad steaks from many places, even ones ranked on my list. Every steak at Mike's is almost exactly like the last."

Other items: Standard food-truck fare. Nothing fancy. We're not even going to list it all. Suffice it to say, it's cheap and you'll know it when you see it. The steaks are between $5 and $6.

Where: 16th and Market streets, weekdays during business hours.

Social stuff: Facebook? Twitter? Not as far as we can tell. Just put down your phone and walk over there.

Daily News reporter William Bender is always poised for rapid deployment when it comes to Philly food trucks. Got a tip? Tweet: @wbender99.