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The best pizzas in America?

Best-of lists start more arguments than they settle.

New York Magazine's rundown of 101 awesome pizzas surely will have pie fans debating the inclusions and the omissions.

Let's start with the eight Philadelphia-area selections.

Some are painfully obvious - otherwise fine choices plucked from every other best-of list - like the Lombarda from Osteria, Margherita from Pizzeria Stella, Neapolitan from Nomad Pizza, and Lardo from Barbuzzo. Same for the duck-fat-enriched deep-dish crusts from Garces Trading Company.

The eggplant from food truck Pitruco gets love. This choice is a touch outside the box.

Then the editors get all goofy and single out Conshohocken Bakery - a fine choice, no doubt - but call the house specialty "Sicilian: Conshohocken-Style" pizza.

It's tomato pie - that thick-crusted, tart-sauced, almost-cheeseless, served-at-room-temperature treat. It's not unique to Conshy. And it's not to be confused with Trenton-style tomato pie, which is thin-crust pizza built with the cheese on the bottom.

The editors deserve some respect for even knowing that Old Forge pizza exists upstate. The name of the parlor Arcaro & Genell is Moosic to our ears.

And what would an Italian food story be without a special nod to Marc Vetri. "The Vetri" is a specialty pizza at Krescendo in Brooklyn. Supposedly he inspired the combo of mozzarella, mortadella, and pistachio pesto.

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