Two employees of a Delaware Thai-Japanese restaurant were fired because of inappropriate comments they made on social media, as they called out poor-tipping customers.

The News Journal reports that the manager of Padi restaurant in Hockessin posted photos and credit card receipts over a four-month period on Instagram, tagging them with such slurs as #deuchbag #cheap #jew #hillbillies.

The article, quoting the restaurant's lawyer, says a sushi chef who seemed to defend the insults on the News Journal's website also has been let go.

About three weeks ago, the article says, a photo of a bill for $53.80 from a customer with an Indian surname was posted on the fumanchu85 Instagram account. The bill shows that customer tipped $5.20, or less than 10 percent. Fumanchu85 wrote: "What do you expect from a last name like that?" Then fumanchu85 wrote a derogatory term followed by #cheap #jew.

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