A salad might sound appealing this week. Sweetgreen, which has four locations in Philadelphia, as well as branches in Ardmore and King of Prussia, offers a variety of cold and warm healthy meals in a bowl, served over bases like lettuce, quinoa, or wild rice.

Among the most nutritious is the chicken and Brussels salad, one of Sweetgreen's four seasonal offerings. Roasted chicken, Brussels sprouts, and slices of sweet potatoes are served over a bed of organic mesclun and chopped romaine lettuce. Tossed with a cranberry maple dressing, the salad is slightly sweet and hearty enough to be filling. The richness of the Brussels sprouts and bright taste of the sweet potatoes and lettuce together make it taste faintly like holiday food, only much lighter.

Other seasonal salads currently on the menu are curry cauliflower, apple pear cheddar, and cranberry ginger fresca.

Chicken and Brussels salad, $9.95, Sweetgreen, 1821 Chestnut St.; 1601 Market St.; 924 Walnut St; 3925 Walnut St. sweetgreen.com.