In recent years, bolstered by studies that suggest garlic could help ward off cognitive diseases, Japan's government has increased its funding to producers of black garlic. That has led to a growing number of products, including a black garlic glaze now on the shelves at Di Bruno Bros.

Black garlic, so called because of the color that develops when bulbs are aged and fermented, tastes smoother than the regular variety. It's so mellow that the product sold by Di Bruno's is called black garlic molasses, though it contains only black garlic that has been caramelized into a syrupy texture.

It tastes a bit like balsamic glaze, with a hint of flavor that evokes figs, or jam, and just a hint of garlic as an aftertaste. It's also surprisingly versatile; it can be drizzled over meats or vegetables, used as a marinade, or in stir-fry dishes. — Allison Steele

Black garlic molasses, $24.99 at Di Bruno Bros. locations: 1730 Chestnut St.; 834 Chestnut St.; 930 S. Ninth St.; 120 Coulter Ave., Ardmore.