A cozy sense of nostalgia has always been at the heart of Cake Life Bake Shop's pastries. The Fishtown bakery's latest offering, a hybrid of a Pop-Tart and a Toaster Strudel, takes that to the next level.

The Berries n' Cream Poppin' Tart is a handcrafted, elevated version of a dessert often associated with childhood or post-adolescence. Made with buttery piecrust, it's filled with a vibrant summer berry compote that includes strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries, as well as a dash of sweet cream cheese.

The tarts are drizzled with berry frosting that evokes the look of the store-bought versions. With the exception of the colorful sprinkles on top, the tarts are made entirely in-house, said Cake Life co-owner Lily Fischer.

The pastry shell has a pleasing flakiness, and the berries and cream cheese give it a smooth flavor reminiscent of a danish. And they're ready to eat — no toaster required.

Berries n' Cream Poppin' Tart, $3.50 at Cake Life Bake Shop, 1306 Frankford Ave.; cakelifebakeshop.com.