The word brunch might evoke the aroma of French toast or eggs, perhaps a cold glass of orange juice with a splash or two of sparkling wine. According to the Wax Cabin Candle Co. in Mendham, N.J., brunch means blood orange, roses, chardonnay, and grapefruit.

The company, founded by graphic-designer-turned-candlemaker Jennifer Gunn, offers a selection of boozy candles in fragrances like gin and tonic, French 75, and peach Bellini. Nonalcoholic scents include "cozy cabin" and "sunrise."

When burning, the brunch candle emits a sweet, fresh citrus scent. The gin and tonic candle is woodsier and smells like soothing herbs. The soy-based, handmade candles are gift-friendly and packaged in glass jars with metal screw-top lids and bright, colorful labels.

Wax Cabin Candles are sold in various stores in more than a dozen states, as well as online.

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