Three powerhouse brands are converging in Fishtown on Friday to launch a unique frozen treat to raise funds for Philadelphia schools: Soom foods, Zahav's lauded pastry chef Camille Cogswell, and Weckerly's Ice Cream.

Soom, the company behind the city's most revered tahini, worked with Cogswell and Weckerly's in creating the tahini creamsicle ice cream sandwich, which is made from tahini cookies, halvah crumble, and ice cream in Tahitian vanilla and apricot flavors.

The sandwiches will be available for $5 at Weckerly's at 9 W. Girard Ave. starting at noon Friday. A limited number of the sandwiches were made; they will be available until they sell out.

One-third of gross sales will go toward arts programming for Philadelphia schools. Artwork by students will be on display at Weckerly's on Friday, and Cogswell and Soom representatives will be on site.