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Vegan ‘poke’ bowls with mango and beets

The plant-based poke bowls are sold at Snap Kitchens around the city and region.

A mango and beet "poke" bowl from Snap Kitchen.
A mango and beet "poke" bowl from Snap Kitchen.Read moreALLISON STEELE

Poke bowls, the Hawaiian dish of raw fish and veggies over rice, are booming more than ever before in Philadelphia. The trend is so ubiquitous that earlier this year, Snap Kitchen unveiled a grab-and-go plant-based version made with mango and chunks of golden beets in place of tuna or salmon.

Snap Kitchen, which has four locations in the city, as well as stores in Malvern, Villanova, and Wayne, serves the poke over black rice and combines it with edamame for extra protein, black sesame seeds for texture, and crunchy red cabbage.

The bowls are refreshing and a little spicy, and come with a ginger-soy dressing that adds both sweetness and salt. There's something about the combination of fruit and seasonings that mimics the flavors of a traditional poke bowl, making it a good option for those who eat vegan as well as those who eat everything.

Mango beet poke bowl, $7.99 at Snap Kitchen locations; 243 Market St., 601 S. 10th St., 1901 Chestnut St. or 1325 Frankford Ave.;