Faced with mounting evidence that indoor tanning greatly raises cancer risk among younger users, the Food and Drug Administration proposed last week to require tanning booths and beds to carry warnings urging young people not to use the devices.

Businesses that use devices and beds that use UV-A and UV-B rays to promote tanning currently are required to post signs warning consumers about health risks that come with their use.

If finalized - a process that could be thwarted by congress - the FDA's proposed rule would make salons carry warnings against their beds' use by those younger than 18.

The American Academy of Dermatology has said that the risk of developing skin cancer rises with each use of tanning beds. The National Cancer Institute estimates that 76,690 new cases of melanoma will be diagnosed each year. And because it is a particularly fast-growing cancer, some 9,480 will die of it yearly. - L.A. Times