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Pediatricians in Kansas pull 2-inch feather from neck of 6-month-old girl

Here's your dose of weird medical news for the day: Pediatricians in Kansas pulled a 2-inch feather from the neck of a 6-month-old girl. Talk about a pain in the neck! That's a feather about the length of your thumb, trying to work its way out of poor Mya Whittington's neck.

What Mya's parents thought was a typical ear infection or teething problem, turned into a bit of a medical mystery for the docs at the local hospital Mya was admitted to on Sunday-- until a few hours later, when Mya's parents, Aaron and Emma, noticed what they thought was a string poking out from their daughter's neck.

Doctors believe Mya swallowed or inhaled the feather, which apparently pierced the inside of her cheek or throat. Mya was a trooper though, only shedding a few tears while the docs pulled the feather from her neck.

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