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Mom overwhelmed by reaction to six-day-old son's donor story

After a story about her family in the Sunday's Inquirer went viral, Sarah Gray has received much interest in her journey to follow her son's donated organs.

Sarah Gray has been blown away by the response to the story about her family in Sunday's Inquirer.

She was thinking about writing a book about her son, Thomas, who lived just six days but whose organs and tissue were donated to science. The story, which went viral, has piqued a publisher's attention. She has also been approached by a national television news network for a possible segment.

Gray works for the American Association of Tissue Banks -- a job she took three years after her son died -- and is supposed to be writing remarks today for Arizona Cardinal quarterback Carson Palmer. He received an Achilles tendon from a donor that replaced the torn anterior cruciate ligament in his knee. But she's been a little distracted by her own story to work on his.

"This is kind of amazing," she said Tuesday morning. "Overwhelming."

Gray has been following the response to the story on Twitter, and texted this to an Inquirer reporter Tuesday: "Richard Dietsch of Sports Illustrated just tweeted. 138K followers."

Many strangers have emailed her. One woman suffering from a chronic disease told her that she had wanted to donate her body to a study at Harvard after she died, but her family wasn't supportive. Now the woman said she's just going to tell her family: "I'm going to Harvard when I die."