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Allergy alert: Ragweed is surging

The higher than usual rain this summer all but assures a bumper crop.

Ragweed, the great tormentor.
Ragweed, the great tormentor.Read moreAsthma Center

Ragweed pollen, the main trigger of fall allergies, is starting to have an impact in the Philadelphia area, the Asthma Center reports.

Donald J. Dvorin, the Asthma Center allergist who is the region's official pollen counter, issued a ragweed pollen alert after the allergen surged to high levels Monday.

As our Tony Wood reported earlier this month, the region is in for an explosion of ragweed pollen following a summer of higher than usual amounts of rain.

While ragweed levels are now high, mold spores remain the predominant allergen and were very high on Monday, Dvorin said. Cladosporium, a genus of fungi, is the predominant mold.