Look out, Patriots. The Eagles' newest fan has arrived – and just in time for the Super Bowl.

Meet Carson Vo — after Carson Wentz — born Thursday at 12:18 p.m., weighing in at a feisty four and a half pounds. Actually not due until  March 16, the little guy was apparently not about to miss the Super Bowl game that his namesake helped his mom and dad's favorite team reach.

The way his South Philadelphia parents tell it, it was fate from mid-season on.

"I really liked [the name] Harrison at first, but my boyfriend didn't love it as much as I did," said mom Catalina Huynh-Vy, 25. "Then watching the season of the Eagles playing, I'm thinking, 'You know, Carson is doing so great this year, and we're on a great streak.' We were probably already about 7–1. I think that's when I texted my boyfriend. 'What do you think of Carson?'"

Huynh-Vy said dad-to-be My Vo, also 25, liked that name a lot better than Harrison.  So Vo offered an idea: "How about if Carson gets us into the Super Bowl, that'll be the baby's name?"

"Honestly, from then on, my baby's name was destined to be Carson," Huynh-Vy said.

That fact that Wentz left the season early and her baby made his appearance at Jefferson University Hospital roughly seven weeks early was just another sign it was meant to be.

"He's out just in time to watch the Super Bowl," Huynh-Vy said.

Eagles onesies were on the gift registry, said the new mother, but since baby Carson will have to stay at Jefferson for a while, she may save those until next season.

Huynh-Vy, who sometimes helps out at her mom's nail salon, said she and Vo, a server at the Yards Brewing Co., will be watching the Super Bowl together and, of course, visiting their baby who is doing well despite his early arrival.

According to some cultures, touching a newborn's head is good luck.

"The only one that can touch his head is Carson Wentz," Huynh-Vy said.

And the baby is already showing signs of living up to his NFL namesake.

"His screams are very loud," his mother said. "Strong lungs."

Maybe that's baby-speak for: "Go, Eagles!"