If you're worried about your employer removing your health care benefits in 2014 under Obama's Affordable Care Act, you might be safer than you think.

A recent survey conducted by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans found that most employers say they will continue to offer health care coverage to their employees in 2014 when many of the provisions of the law take effect.

Under Obama's Affordable Care Act, companies with 50 or more workers will be faced with a financial penalty if they don't provide coverage.

The majority of those surveyed – 69 percent – said they "definitely will" continue coverage for full-time employees, while only 1 percent said that coverage would either not be provided or that it is very unlikely that it would be offered.

The number of employers who say they will provide coverage is up from last year, according to BusinessInsurance.com, where only 46 percent of employers responded in a similar survey that health care would definitely be offered.

IFEBP research driector Julie Stich told BusinessInsurance.com that a reason that more employers are willing to offer coverage could be because it will help employers recruit and retain their employees. She also said employers may feel more financially confident that they're able to provide the care.

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