This November The Creative Café @ Replica has been showing a 'latte' of support for mental health awareness and suicide prevention by raising money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) and by collaborating with Lifesavers University, a Philly nonprofit that offers training on these issues to groups, businesses, universities and faith-based organizations.

This whole month, the Café in University City has been offering a special Lifesavers Latte for $2, with $1 going to AFSP as well special events like last week's film screening of "To Save a Life," a film that shows how just being willing to listen to someone in emotional pain can save a life, and a Q & A session led by Shelley Leaphart-Williams, founder of Lifesavers University. The panel also included Ishan Hines of "My Brother's Keeper", a motivational speaker for suicide prevention and spoken word artist, and Pax Tandon, a Positive Psychology expert.

Tomorrow, Thursday, November 20 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., the Café will be hosting a special happy hour for ASFP, where $1.50 from each of the Lifesavers Latte will be donated to the foundation. Leaphart-Williams will also be there to talk about the mission and work of her organization, Lifesavers University and to answer any questions.

Leaphart-Williams founded Lifesavers University last year to offer certification for mental health first aid. She explained that her goal is to ultimately reduce the number of suicides we see each year.

The 8 hour training discusses mental health issues, substance use and teaches a 5 step action plan to use when you are concerned that somebody needs help.

"Most people don't know what to do when someone they know is having a mental health crisis," she said. "'Snap out it' or 'Oh, he'll get over it' are the common reactions instead of trying to get to the root of the problem. Instead maybe you can be the lifesaver to help him get the help he needs."

Leaphart-Williams knows from experience the guilt and shame you feel when someone you love commits suicide. Her nephew took his own life and before he did it, he called his mom apologizing to her, but she had no inkling of what he was about to do. As a therapist, Leaphart-Williams is more aware of the warning signs of suicidal thoughts and she wishes he would have reached out to her.

"His death solidified my purpose to be that voice to ask the tough questions. Are you having suicidal thoughts? Do you already have a plan? I don't want others to go through the same guilt and shame that we experienced," she said.

The Creative Café @ Replica selects a new non-profit organization to feature each month along with a signature drink, with a $1 of the proceeds going to the organization's cause.