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Is prostate cancer screening right for you? Let's do the numbers

Why wouldn't a middle-aged man want to start getting PSA screening for prostate cancer? For the first time, a government panel has issued a graphic that depicts the downsides at a glance.

Prostate cancer screening has risks that may outweigh the benefits. To help men and their doctors find a balance, the influential U.S. Preventive Services Task Force on Tuesday released its latest recommendations with a graphic depicting the trade-offs.

Among men at average risk of prostate cancer, PSA blood testing is recommended only for those ages 55 to 69, and only after discussing the pros and cons. The statistical bottom line: Of 1,000 men who get tested, one will avoid death from the cancer. But 50 will suffer erectile dysfunction from treatment, and some will have tumors that would not have harmed them if left alone.  Keep scrolling for more pros and cons of screening.