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Philly inspections: Bugs close a Checkers, Dunkin Donuts

Insects closed two popular fast food restaurants last week and mice temporarily shuttered two delis in restaurant inspections carried out by the Philadelphia Department of Health between Oct. 1 and Oct. 9.

A Checkers on the 5700 block of Baltimore Ave. in West Philadelphia was cited on Oct. 7 for a "severe" infestation of mosquitoes, fruit flies and house flies. In addition, a health sanitarian noted cans of unapproved insecticide, insufficient hot water and a need of a general cleaning. The burger restaurant was ordered to close for at least 48 hours. By Oct. 10, it had reopened. A manager declined to comment.

A Dunkin Donuts on the 800 block of South Broad Street voluntarily closed on Oct. 6 after an inspector found roaches in the serving area and foods held at temperatures high enough to promote the growth of hazardous bacteria. The eatery has reopened. A manager did not return calls.

Stan's Deli on the 3600 block of Powelton Ave. in Powelton Village was ordered to close on Oct. 3 for 48 hours for a "severe mouse infestation."  Veggie T-Rex Deli on the 100 block of N. 15th St. in Center City was temporarily shuttered Oct. 6 after an inspector spotted a live mouse in the kitchen and flies. It was unclear on Monday whether either had reopened; phone calls to both establishments went unanswered.

The eateries listed below were inspected between Oct. 1 and Oct. 9. Each inspection is generally regarded as a "snapshot in time," and not necessarily a reflection of day-to-day conditions at the business. Most violations were addressed on site.

Included with each listing is an edited selection of infractions noted by health department sanitarians. Click on the restaurant's name or date of inspection to see a detailed report.

If you suspect you've contracted food poisoning at a Philadelphia eatery or have a sanitation complaint, contact the health department at 215-685-7495.

To look up reports on a specific restaurant, or read more in the Inquirer's Clean Plates series, visit

Chew Deli Grocery

No hot water; mouse feces and fruit flies in storage areas; beverages not stored at least 6 inches above floor. Ordered to cease operations for 48 hours Oct. 7. 


Island of Treats

No water at hand washing sinks; clean shelves where needed. Agreed to discontinue food operations and voluntarily close on Oct. 7 until approved by Health department to reopen.

Sun Shanty

No food certified person or person in charge on premises; mouse  droppings in toilet room and storage area; flies in kitchen and ware wash areas; dead roaches; foul smelling garbage in ware wash area; no soap in toilet room; insecticides and pesticides not labeled for food facility use; toddler in food prep area; toilet room door is not attached; cleaning and sanitation needed throughout. Previously ordered to temporarily cease business Jan. 15. Ordered to close again for 48 hours Oct. 6. 

City Wings and Pizza

No food safety certified person on premises; no paper towels or soap available at hand wash sinks; raw chicken stored directly on top of shredded cheese in walk-in cooler; encrusted residue on slicer; flies on food-contact surfaces; unapproved poison packet in basement; insufficient number of thermometers; rodent feces on containers; flies in food prep area; food stored on floor; employees not wearing hair restraints; extensive cleaning needed throughout. Ordered to close for 48 hours on Oct. 6.

Veggie T-Rex Deli

Live mouse seen in kitchen; expired vegetarian chicken in refrigerator; potentially hazardous foods not date-marked;  flies in coffee area. Previously asked to temporarily close Sept. 30. Ordered to close for 48 hours on Oct. 6.  

Dunkin Donuts

8 violations, 6 serious.

Roaches in serving area; food held at hazardous temperatures; person in charge not on premises; personal beverages stored on food prep table; refrigerator cannot maintain temperature. Agreed to discontinue food operations and voluntarily close Oct. 6 until approved to reopen.

Wayne Associates Food Market

Mouse droppings in basement; person in charge and food safety certified person not on premises; uncovered burgers in freezer; ready-to-eat food not datemarked; unapproved and open rodentcides. Previously asked to voluntarily close Aug. 24.  Ordered to close for 48 hours on Oct. 6.  

Y & A Mini Market

No food safety certified person on premises. Agreed to temporarily close Oct. 6.

Dawn's Breakfast

Insects in food preparation, service, dining and toilet rooms; live roaches on equipment and on floor; fruit flies in dining area; live mouse on glue trap; mouse feces; serving food items with artificial trans fat. Ordered to close for 48 hours on Oct. 4.

Little Sicily Pizza

No food safety certified person on premises; food employee eating in food prep area; no hot water; employees touching ready to eat food with bare hands; soap not available at hand wash sink; raw animal foods stored above ready-to-eat foods in cooler; accumulated food residue on can opener; potential hazardous food not date marked; flies. Agreed to temporarily close Oct. 6. Reopened Oct. 7.

Dream House Asian Bistro

29 violations, 12 serious.

Food safety certified person did not have adequate knowledge of Pa. food code; empty paper towel holder; no sign at sink to remind employees to wash hands; food held at hazardous temperatures; open and unapproved rodent bait in kitchen; serving yesterday's rice; rodent and insect activity in kitchen, house flies and mouse feces; back door propped open; cardboard lining on shelving; floor cleaning needed throughout. Agreed to temporarily stop serving sushi on Oct. 4 until approved to resume by health department.

Khairabah African Grocery Store

12 violations, 4 serious.

Person in charge not on premises; not able to provide documentation that fish, meats and palm oil were from approved source; insect or rodent contaminated food; insects and mouse droppings on shelving; beetles and cockroaches in bulk foods; clean and disinfect floors. Agreed to voluntarily close Oct. 4 until approved to resume operations.

Barry's Famous Pretzel

Operating without a valid food license; no food safety certified person on premises; person in charge had expired certificate; inadequate hand washing procedures; hand wash sink blocked by hot dogs and a role of paper towels; accumulated residue on soda machine; foods held at hazardous temperatures; food not date marked; flies in food prep area; cardboard used to line shelves. Agreed to voluntarily close Oct. 4 until approved to resume operations.

Papa Sam Pizza

No food safety certified person on premises;  inadequate hand washing procedures; person in charge handled pizza with bare hands; no hot water; soap and paper towels not available at sinks; uncovered foods observed throughout; flies on uncovered food; accumulated and encrusted food residue on slicer; dead flies on trays in walk-in cooler; open poison in basement; numerous live flies throughout food prep area; caught mouse in basement; rodent feces on basement shelves, stairs in food prep area; employees not wearing hair restraints; extensive cleaning needed throughout, especially in food prep area. Previously ordered to close July 17, 2013. Agreed to voluntarily close on Oct. 3. Cleared to reopen Oct. 5.

Stan's Deli

Severe mouse infestation; heavy accumulation of mice feces observed on shelves, prep stations, spice containers, food contact surfaces and floor; dead mouse behind refrigerator; house flies on food contact surfaces; eliminate all vermin immediately; food safety certified person not present; employees did not know foodborne illnesses, symptoms and reporting practices; food not protected from contamination; food held at hazardous temperatures; employees not wearing hair restraints. Ordered to close for minimum of 48 hours Oct. 3. 

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