Even if you're a city dweller with limited outdoor space, gardening is quite doable. And with these modern pieces, style will be blossoming in no time, too.

- Joy Deangdeelert Cho
A cool drink

Josephine, a sleek ceramic watering can by Giorgia Ricci ($170), assists in keeping your plants well-hydrated. Available at www.aplusrstore.com.

Light (not heavy) metal

Tin cans with fern cut-outs ($79 for a 6-foot string) add a nighttime glow to the garden. Available at www.vivaterra.com.

Gentle embrace

These eco-friendly SoftBowls ($39 each, used here as a plant cozy) are made of molded wool at a Philadelphia millinery by Mio, which also is based here. Available at Foster's Urban Homeware, 124 N. Third St., and www.mioculture.com.

Salad bar

Actually, you can grow all sorts of greenery, edible or otherwise, in this multitasking Topo table ($2,300). Available at www.gnr8.biz.

Reuse, recycle

Transform any plastic bottle into a useful implement with Twist and Spout, an all-in-one screw-on handle and spout ($6). Available at Foster's Urban Homeware, 124 N. Third St., and www.momastore.org.

Inner realm

If outdoor space is nonexistent, you can grow a mini garden indoors with this terrarium by Bleach Design ($160). Available at www..aplusrstore.com.

Shapes alive

Brighten up that little plot of yours with fun, colorful garden stakes by Not Neutral ($38). Available at the AIA Bookstore & Design Center, 117 S. 17th St., and www.2modern.com.


Joy Deangdeelert Cho is a Philadelphia textile and graphic designer. Visit her design blog, Oh Joy!, at www.ohjoy.blogs.com.