Q: What would be the best way to decorate a room for a 16-year-old girl? My daughter wants to paint it black and orange . . . How can I help make her room her own, but not waste money redoing things later? She'll be leaving for college in a couple of years.

- L.A.

A: Oh boy - is your daughter planning on attending Oregon or Oklahoma State? Or maybe she's just trying to push your buttons. That said, orange (and hot pink) are really fun and trendy colors that look great with neutrals or gray. As for black . . . .

Even though it's your house, the room is hers and she deserves to have a say in how it looks. It's a great way for her to express herself and for you both to try new things. I was constantly repainting and moving things around in my bedroom when I grew up. My mom even helped me dye the carpet - but this isn't something I recommend at all.

You could try to persuade your daughter to paint with a neutral color and accent with bright colors on the bed, an area rug, and lounge-worthy floor pillows. If she's not going for that, it'll be easy enough to repaint over that black after she moves out. And she can take those accessories to her dorm room for an individualized look.

Make sure your daughter has plenty of storage to help her keep things neat. Sports equipment can be kept elsewhere. Closet-organizing systems work well for anyone - kids, teens, and adults.

And, have your daughter help. Show her how to declutter and how to paint and sew if you make bedspreads, pillow covers, or drape panels. These will be empowering skills that will help her feel good about herself and her room, and they will come in handy later.

Let me know how it goes, and send photos.