Q: I've been shopping for folding luggage racks like the ones you see in hotels, but I'm not sure the prettier wood ones are as sturdy. And should I get one or two? Also, what else should I do to make guests feel comfortable?

- Ann R.
A: There is nothing worse than having to put your suitcase on the floor, or worse, on the bed after it's been who knows where.

It makes sense that there should be one rack per person, which makes me wonder why there aren't two in hotel rooms. You can also put a long bench or two smaller ones at the foot of the bed as a permanent part of the decor.

When you shop for folding racks, look carefully at the dimensions, as some might be really small. Try out the rack before recycling the packaging so you can return it if it doesn't seem sturdy enough.

And take notes from hotels. Learning from that experience is a great way to help guests feel welcome. Think of the worst experiences you've ever had as a traveler and eliminate the embarrassment. What would you do differently?

Have new pillows with pillow protectors on the guest bed, not old hand-me-downs. The mattress can be an inexpensive one if it isn't used often, but put a moisture-resistant mattress protector on to reduce allergens.

Change the sheets after each guest's stay. Nightstands with reading lamps, outlets for charging cellphones, a notecard with WiFi access information, bottled water, and fresh towels go a long way to ease a person's stay.

Clear out space in the closet for guests to hang their clothes, and keep a small toiletry kit, feminine supplies, and cleaning products handy. Stock the bathroom with a night-light, plenty of toilet paper, cups for water, and even sample sizes of toothpaste, floss, and new toothbrushes in case guests forget theirs.

Enjoy your guests' stay.