We got married this year, and my in-laws are coming to our house for the holidays. I'm so nervous. I want everything to be great. We have a small extra room we want to turn into a guest room. But it's the coldest room in our house, as it was once a drafty, old porch. Besides lots of blankets, what are some easy ways to make sure guests stay comfortable?

- P.
A: Congratulations on your wedding. I'm sure your in-laws won't be too picky, but even if they are, decorating your drafty guest room to look and feel warmer isn't all that difficult.

As soon as you can, fix the problems that are creating drafts. Many local utilities provide weatherization programs to help save energy costs. Have you looked into these options? Also, talk with a licensed contractor to find out if the construction is not up to the local codes in your area. Were the walls, floor, and ceiling insulated when the porch was enclosed? Are the windows double-paned?

Aside from all that, here are some other ways to make sure your in-laws are warm. Adding thermal window coverings will also help control the light. A portable electric space heater with an automatic shutoff may add a little to your electricity bill, but it will be worth it knowing your guests have this option. And if there isn't carpeting, add area rugs at least on both sides of the bed.

Paint the room, and choose fabrics in warm, calming colors, such as creamy off-whites, warm grays, and soft sandy colors accented with deep reds, indigo, gray, or colors pulled from your spice cabinet, including paprika, curry, and cinnamon.

On the bed, layer warm, soft sheets with blankets and a comforter so your guests can dial in their level of warmth. Keep extra blankets nearby. Luxurious fuzzy throw blankets and plush robes will wrap your guests in coziness while they're visiting and make great gifts for them to take home.

I have more guest-bedroom tips on my website in a recent blog post at http://blog.jenniferadams.com/2016/11/decorating-guest-bedrooms. Let me know how it goes.

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