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Fun with lamp finials

Turn to finials of all styles and shapes to finish off a table or floor lamp with a thoughtful flourish

Lighting is a designer's best friend. It can make a room feel cozy, romantic or energetic with the twist of a switch. However, function is only part of the allure of proper lighting, as a good lamp should also be a beautiful one. Lately, I have been adding vintage finials on top of all my lamps. They are a perfect finishing touch and come in so many different shapes and materials: think Lucite, brass, acrylic and natural stone. Hilary Thomas' colorful collection might be my new favorite, but there are plenty to choose from in this ideabook.

Claudia Finial - $40.00 »
This Hilary Thomas finial adds a vibrant pop.

Brass Asian-Style Lamp Finial - $15.00 »
Every time I see this one in a house, I smile. Someone went the extra mile just to add it.

Double Happiness Finial - $12.00 »

I would add this little guy to a navy ceramic lamp for a classic touch.

Brass Pineapple Lamp Finial - $14.00 »
Fun fact: Pineapples were placed on Colonial fenceposts when sailors would come home from sea as a sign of welcome.

Hillary Thomas Designs Lucky Madame Chiang Enchant Lamp Finial - $65.00 »
There is a pair of brass lamps out there just begging for a pretty topper like this one.

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