We often associate white interior color with modern minimalism, but it is also perfectly at home with cozy Shabby Chic style. While color lovers would argue that white is cold, bland and sterile, its advocates would say it can create a feeling of space, hide blemishes and soften architectural quirks.

Glossing over the debate as to whether white is actually a color at all, let's take a look at what color experts can tell us about white and how we can use it to create designs that look anything but cold and bland.

In ancient Rome the priestesses of the goddess Vesta wore white as a symbol of purity, loyalty and chastity. The Christian church adopted this symbolism — even today traditional brides in many countries wear white.

This gorgeous lace bedspread screams femininity, but the room still manages to balance traditional and modern, male and female, light and dark — so clever!

Darryl Carter, author of The New Traditional, says, "White makes old things seem more current. White rooms are more complex than they appear, because there are no distractions. Every choice becomes critical."

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