Want to take the same trip as the Maple Glen Garden Club? Here are the eight plant nurseries and farm markets they visited. (The nurseries are closed Sundays and religious holidays. Some are closed Tuesdays, too. Best to call ahead.)

1. Conestoga Nursery, 310 Reading Rd.,

East Earl, Pa. 17519, 717-445-4076. Sells trees, shrubs, perennials.

2. Horst Farm Market, 582 Reading Rd.,

East Earl, Pa. 17519, 717-445-9514. Sells fruit, vegetables, homemade baked goods.

3. Black Creek Greenhouses, 211 E. Black Creek Rd.,

East Earl, Pa. 17519, 717-445-5046. Sells annuals, perennials, bulbs, vegetable plants, hanging baskets.

4. Briar Rose Greenhouses, 1581 Briertown Rd., East Earl, Pa. 17519, 717-354-2167. Sells annuals, perennials, hanging baskets, vegetable plants, tropicals.

5. Martin's Greenhouse, 5489 Division Highway, Narvon, Pa. 17555, 717-354-7546. Sells hellebores, hostas, and other perennials; lettuces; some tropicals.

6. Willow Brook Nursery, 2162 Compass Rd., Honey Brook, Pa., 610-273-7111. Sells annuals, herbs, vegetable and fruit plants, hanging baskets. Cash only.

7. King's Herb Nook, 1060 Compass Rd., Honey Brook, Pa. 19233, 610-273-4583. Sells dried herbs, herb plants, herbal crafts, books, tea, and other products.

8. Route 10 Roadside Market, 941 Compass Rd., Honey Brook, Pa. 19344, 610-273-7793. Sells annuals, fresh produce and fruit, bulk foods, local honey, and other products. Cash only.EndText