The Takedown of Ace Capone
Part 1: Increasingly suspicious of the hip-hop entrepreneur who had made a video of himself as a Philadelphia drug czar, investigators begin piecing together the world  of Alton Coles aka Ace Capone. Read Part 1

Tapped Out
Part 2:
Unbeknownst to Ace Capone, suspected of being one of Philadelphia's biggest drug dealers, city and federal investigators were about to tap his cell phone.

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Parsing the Lingo

Federal agents wiretapping the phone of alleged drug kingpin Alton Coles say that drugs, money and guns were rarely referred to directly. Here's how agents interpret what they heard.

Violence and drugs long associated with rap culture

For the nearly 30 years that rap and hip-hop have been part of the entertainment and cultural scene, critics have complained that the lyrics are violent and misogynistic, and that they glorify drug dealing.

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Drug trade linked to rise in homicides

Philadelphia's spike in homicides in the last five years is directly linked to a growing drug trade, law enforcement officials and criminologists say.

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Reporter George Anastasia talks about the case.

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Excerpts from Barry Michael Cooper's

Streets Inc.

, reworked as

The Hustle Diaries,

starring rap entrepreneurs Ace Capone and Tim Gotti.

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A video, starring Freeway and Beanie Sigel,  made by Alton “Ace Capone” Coles’ Take Down Records as part of Barry Michael Cooper's

Streets Inc.


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Barry Michael Cooper and Mario Van Peebles discuss the making of

New Jack City


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