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Ace Capone

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Federal agents wiretapping the phone of alleged drug kingpin Alton Coles say that drugs, money and guns were rarely referred to directly. Here's how agents interpret what they heard.

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For the nearly 30 years that rap and hip-hop have been part of the entertainment and cultural scene, critics have complained that the lyrics are violent and misogynistic, and that they glorify drug dealing.

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Philadelphia's spike in homicides in the last five years is directly linked to a growing drug trade, law enforcement officials and criminologists say.

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Reporter George Anastasia talks about the case.

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Excerpts from Barry Michael Cooper's

, reworked as

starring rap entrepreneurs Ace Capone and Tim Gotti.

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A video, starring Freeway and Beanie Sigel,  made by Alton “Ace Capone” Coles’ Take Down Records as part of Barry Michael Cooper's


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Barry Michael Cooper and Mario Van Peebles discuss the making of


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