Chestnut Hill Academy was "Breaking Free" the weekend of Dec. 14 with its production of

High School Musical

. This musical was adapted from the 2006 Emmy Award-winning Disney movie of the same name. The

High School Musical

sensation spread quickly, and led to a sequel in 2007.

The musical follows the story of the East High School Wildcats and its many cliques and students. The show centers on basketball captain Troy Bolton, and brainiac Gabriella Montez, who meet through karaoke singing on New Year's Eve at a ski lodge.

The two are completely surprised when they return from winter break to find that Gabriella's new school is Troy's. Throughout the show, the couple must work to break away from the rules of their cliques not only to be together, but also to sing together. Can they break free from the rules of high school, or will East High School fall apart without its social structure?

Chestnut Hill Academy did a nice job of showing the many different cliques within the larger ensemble of the high school. Each clique was distinct, and yet all the cliques came together for the upbeat "We're All in This Together" and its reprise. A special touch was added to the number with a shower of red and white confetti.

The leads did well in portraying the uniqueness of each of their roles. Claire Smith and Alec Rankin were endearing as the forbidden lovers, Gabriella and Troy. Natalie Smith as Sharpay and Andrew O'Neil as her brother, Ryan, also did a wonderful job as the "stars" of the Thespian Club. Their vocal and acting performance in "Bop to the Top" was a highlight.

Conor O'Brien as Jack Scott added comic relief to the show with his announcements throughout.

The show was accented with fitting costumes and a multi-purpose set. Though it was difficult to hear the dialogue at points, the cast portrayed the theme that everyone has the choice to be his or her own person. Chestnut Hill Academy's production of High School Musical truly showed that "We're All in This Together."