CBS3 news anchor Alycia Lane is in a pickle after private e-mails and bikini photos she sent to NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen were intercepted by his wife, the New York Post reported today.

Lane, who is recently divorced, sent seven e-mails and several photos to an account shared by Eisen and his wife, Suzy Shuster, who reports from the sidelines for ABC's college football broadcasts, the Post reported.

Shuster responded with an angry letter to Lane, which was obtained by the Post's Page Six, which read: "Boy, do you look amazing in a bikini … congrats! Whatever you're doing (Pilates? yoga?) keep doing it – it's working for you. Anyway, sorry but those seven e-mails you sent to my husband, Rich, well, oops, they came to the e-mail address we both use from time to time, but no worries, I'll forward the beach shots as well as the ones of you dancing with your friends on to his main address. Do you have it?"

She goes on to provide her hubby's private e-mail address, "since you surely are trying so hard to get his attention. I mean, what better way to get a guy's attention than with skin! Best – Suzy Shuster Eisen"

A source told Page Six: "Alycia is divorced and apparently looking for love again in all the wrong places. She send [Eisen] an e-mail saying she was going to L.A., and she attached some risqué pictures just to whet his appetite. But, whoops, Rich is married to Suzy."

Both Lane and Eisen refused comment for the Post report, and Shuster did not respond to their e-mail seeking comment.