Mortgage bank branches close in Pa., N.J.

The evaporation of easy credit for home mortgages this year has caused a painful industry shakeout in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, according to data from state bank regulators. Branches of mortgage banks are closing.

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Subprime mortgage aid plan unveiled

The Bush administration unveiled a plan yesterday that it hopes will calm jittery markets and ease a nationwide housing slowdown by helping 1.2 million Americans with adjustable-rate mortgages avoid foreclosure by refinancing or modifying their loans.

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Subprime relief: There's no quick fix

Be ready to wait if you want to get information from a toll-free hot line about freezing the interest rate on your subprime mortgage. And once you get through, you may not find the answers you sought.

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Subprime pain: A spreading woe
Many homeowners with adjustable mortgages face growing monthly payments. Some wonder where they will get the  money. Read the article

The subprime landscape
High-cost home loans to people with poor credit and little or no down payment were made throughout the Philadelphia region in 2005. An interactive map shows areas with the highest concentration of such subprime loans. The payments on many of those loans are going up now, pushing some borrowers into foreclosure. Use the interactive map

Turning Lead Into Gold
At the heart of today's subprime-mortgage crisis are complicated investments that have been called a "modern version of alchemy," the medieval pursuit of turning lead into gold. View a graphic that shows one way they worked