Other winners of the 2007 Franklin Institute Awards:

* Bower Award for Business Leadership: Norman R. Augustine, Lockheed Martin Corp., retired, for public service and steering the company to profitablity.

* Bower Award for Achievement in Science: Stuart K. Card, Palo Alto Research Center, for his work in human-computer interraction.

* Benjamin Franklin Medal in Chemistry: Klaus Biemann, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for pioneering work in mass spectrometry and proteomics.

* Benjamin Franklin Medal in Electronic Engineering: Robert H. Dennard, IBM, for the invention of computer memory circuits called DRAMS.

* Benjamin Franklin Medal in Materials Engineering: Morton C. Flemings, Massachussetts Institute of Technology, for contributions to understanding aspects of solidification of metallic alloys.

* Benjamin Franklin Medal in Life Sciences: Nancy S. Wexler, Columbia University, for work in identifying the genes that cause Huntingdon's Disease.

* Benjamin Franklin Medal in Physics: Arthur B. McDonald, Queen's University, Canada, and Yoji Totsuka, University of Tokyo, for discovering the mysterious nature of neutrinos. *