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A Rodney King incident?

Lawyer: Tape shows cops beating man in arrest

Kyle Byrd lies in hospital bed after March altercation involving several police officers.
Kyle Byrd lies in hospital bed after March altercation involving several police officers.Read more

After Kyle Byrd and his fiancee, Alicia Parks, spent an evening together drinking, bickering and having sex, something went wrong.

Byrd and Parks got into a loud, drunken argument over a sex act that went too far, inside their North Philly apartment in the early hours of March 31, prompting a worried neighbor to call 911, Byrd's attorney, Cary Bevan McClain said.

Multiple police cruisers arrived on Judson Street near Berks about 1:30 a.m. - and then all hell broke loose.

A video camera recorded a lengthy struggle between an intoxicated Byrd and several cops that appeared to turn violent.

Yesterday, McClain shared the footage with a reporter.

About five minutes into the recording, a group of uniformed cops are seen slamming Byrd, 36, onto the pavement and handcuffing him.

The cops begin by bashing Byrd's head into the open rear passenger- side door of a police cruiser, and a few minutes later, a tall officer is seen kneeing Byrd in the stomach.

Nine minutes into the video - after Parks was shoved trying to pull a police officer away from Byrd - another cop takes out a baton and begins cracking Byrd in the head.

A few minutes later, Byrd, who was still handcuffed, was hit with pepper spray.

"He is resisting getting into the car," McClain said, "but the force is excessive for the level of resistance."

Eventually, Byrd drops to the sidewalk, and a pool of blood begins to seep from under his head. An officer walks up and is seen nudging him with a baton, apparently trying to determine if he is still alive.

Byrd suffered a fractured left arm, a fractured rib, a concussion, damage to his left eye, fluid around his heart and various bruises in the struggle, McClain said.

He was taken to Episcopal Hospital for treatment and then immediately to jail. Byrd later complained of chest pains and was taken to Graduate Hospital, where doctors found a blood clot between his heart and ribs.

"I personally reviewed the video and personally reviewed all the paperwork submitted, and there will be a complete and thorough investigation," said Internal Affairs Chief Inspector William Colarulo.

Byrd, who was on probation for a drug conviction at the time of the encounter with police, admitted to resisting arrest because he didn't want to get into a police car due to claustrophobia, McClain said.

Byrd, who has a lengthy arrest history, was charged that night with indecent and simple assault, resisting arrest, possessing an instrument of crime and endangering another person. He faces trial later this month.

Parks told police that the couple had argued inside her apartment at the Rowan Homes, a Project HOME-run complex for the recently homeless, because of Byrd's wandering hands.

McClain said that Parks had told cops that Byrd had sexually assaulted her while she was getting dressed but that she had not expected them to arrest or charge him with sexually assaulting her.

Municipal Judge James DeLeon later threw out the sexual-assault charge. *