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Fattah, Brady safe from Street

Mayor says he would not run for Congress against them

Write a book, teach, maybe run for some undisclosed office? Mayor Street's future is up in the air and he's cool with that.

But one thing he won't do - run for Congress against Chaka Fattah or Bob Brady.

There had been speculation that if Fattah or Brady won the mayoral nomination that Street would seek the winner's seat. But now with Michael Nutter's victory in the mayoral primary, both get to keep their day jobs.

"I will not run against Bob Brady. I will not run against Chaka Fattah," Street said during a brief meeting with the media outside his office. "I think those men are doing more than just an adequate job in Congress and if anyone runs against them, then I will be for them [Brady and Fattah]."

In his first public comments about the results of the mayoral primary, Street was asked whether Nutter's victory "sticks in his craw," given the years of battling between the two men.

"Well, it doesn't bother me that Michael Nutter was successful," said Street, who then accused Nutter of a "low blow."

"I think it's unfair and inappropriate for Councilman Nutter or anyone else to suggest that I or anybody in this administration is indifferent to homicides. We care a lot about the homicides that are happening . . . and for him to go on television and say 'this mayor has an indifferent attitude about homicides' I think was uncalled for and it was a low blow."

Street also pledged a "smooth transition" with the next administration "so that we can all buckle our chin straps and elect a Democratic president." *