Drexel University yesterday made its first public reference to the Jocelyn S. Kirsch case, warning the school community in a memo that "in light of recent events," everyone should be careful about guarding against identity theft.

"In light of recent events and an on-going effort to ensure a safe campus and increase security awareness, the Drexel Department of Public Safety would like to remind members of the campus community to be careful in guarding against personal identity theft," read the memo addressed to all students, faculty and staff.

The memo, which students and staff recieved via e-mail in the morning, did not mention Kirsch or any of the details of the case. University officials have acknowledged only that Kirsch, 22, was a Drexel senior majoring in international area studies.

Kirsch, along with her boyfriend, Edward K. Anderton, 25, face charges of identity theft, unlawful use of a computer and burglary.

The couple lived at the Belgravia, an upscale Center City condo building on Chestnut Street near 18th owned by Anderton's former employer Lubert-Adler Partners, LP.

They are believed to have entered at least two units and taken items from them, police said. They also installed spyware on some computers in the building, police said.*