The colorful stories claimed by Jocelyn S. Kirsch knew no bounds.

Olympic-bound pole vaulter, Lithuanian with a special gene from her native land giving her violet eyes, California-raised daughter of two plastic surgeons - her biography varied from friend to friend, year to year at Drexel University, her former friends said.

Now comes news of yet another yarn - the 22-year-old Drexel senior told Drexel staffers that she was an adjunct professor sometime last year, according to a report in the Drexel student newspaper The Triangle.

By telling that to employees at Drexel's Language and Communication Center, on 33rd Street near Powelton Avenue, Kirsch was awarded free parking and use of the center's computers, the paper reported.

Kirsch, arrested twice since Nov. 30 along with her live-in boyfriend, Edward K. Anderton, for identity theft, burglary and other offenses, was allegedly involved in a finely-tuned credit card scam that police say netted the "CON-nie and Clyde" duo at least $100,000. They used credit lines established in other's names, including those of at least two neighbors at the tony Belgravia, on Chestnut Street near 18th, to travel around the world and buy luxurious items.

Drexel University officials did not respond to repeated phone and e-mail inquiries regarding the allegations.

The busty chameleon allegedly asked staff members about obtaining a parking pass when she went to the language center to take a placement exam, the Triangle reported.

A staffer asked the Winston-Salem, N.C., native if she was a professor at the university and Kirsch told them she was indeed an adjunct, the paper said. The pass was granted to the dark-and-long-haired beauty and she soon began to spend time at the language center, allegedly parading around in revealing clothing, the paper reported.

The international area studies major used the parking pass and sat at staff desks using computers for two weeks.

"I was very convinced," an anonymous staffer told the student paper.

After word got out that Kirsch had been arrested two weeks ago, staffers felt duped.

"That wounded my pride because I have a pretty good BS detector," the center employee said, according to the paper.

Kirsch and Anderton met in September 2006 and by December they had made plans to move in together, she told friends. In June 2007, the duo, had moved into the Belgravia and were living the high life in Philadelphia, according to police and acquaintances.

Anderton, a 2005 University of Pennsylvania graduate, and Kirsch partied the night away at the annual "Ball on the Square" fundraiser on June 21, which also was attended by Gov. Ed Rendell. The two love-birds were photographed locked in a face embrace by Philadelphia Magazine, which published the photo with the caption "Ed Anderton and Jocelyn Kirsch" in the August issue. *