Citing the recent murder of police Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski, state Rep. John Perzel announced yesterday he would push for new state laws making it more difficult for violent offenders to get out of prison without serving their full sentences.

"Officer Liczbinski's murderers all had extensive criminal records and, as Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said, 'should never have been out on the street,' " Perzel said in a news release.

"We have had enough of repeat violent criminals murdering and terrorizing our loved ones," Perzel said. "Today we are drawing a line in the sand and saying we will do everything in our power to keep violent offenders behind bars for as long as possible."

Joined by two other Republican House members from Northeast Philadelphia, John Taylor and George Kenney, Perzel proposed a package of bills to:

* Eliminate the possibility of parole or early release for any offenders convicted of violent crimes or a crime involving a gun.

* Require that all mandatory five-year sentences for gun offenses be served consecutively to sentences for other crimes, not concurrently.

* Require a majority vote by the nine members of the state parole board to grant parole. Currently, Perzel said, an inmate needs votes from only two board members to gain release. *

-Bob Warner