THE PICTURES on Joseph Genovese Jr.'s MySpace page speak a thousand words, and the words on the page paint a disturbing picture of a teen so full of hubris that he used his mugshot as his profile picture.

Even in the wake of being charged with homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence for allegedly killing one pedestrian tourist and injuring another last week, 18-year-old Genovese had kept his MySpace profile public - a profile in which he brags of his exploits with pot, alcohol, graffiti and fast cars.

Last night, officers from the city's Accident Investigation Division, who were aware of Genovese's MySpace page, executed a search warrant at his house and confiscated his computer and other personal belongings.

Four uniformed police officers left the home with two medium-sized brown paper bags and a Dell computer.

Lt. Jim McCarrick, who served the warrant shortly after 7 p.m., said that the items the officers confiscated may or may not tie Genovese to last Thursday's incident, but it could give an idea of his activities.

"The MySpace page and the pictures inside his room establishes who he is," he said.

The teen's room was decorated with gangster-themed posters and candid pictures of him smoking marijuana, said McCarrick.

Family members declined to comment after the search, but told police people were overreacting to Genovese's mistake.

"The mother thinks the whole thing is overkill," McCarrick said, after leaving the home. "She said he [Genovese] just ran a red light and got into a car accident."

Police allege that Genovese hit Cindy Grassi, 43, and Sandra Wacker, 36, both of Missouri, when he ran a red light at Broad Street near Curtin while allegedly intoxicated. Police have declined to detail what substance they believe Genovese had consumed.

The women, in town to see their favorite team, the Cardinals, play the Phillies in an afternoon game on Thursday, were struck down while crossing the street. The two often took trips together to cities across the country to watch the Cardinals play, family members said.

Pictures on Genovese's MySpace page could work against him in light of the incident.

One photo, which appears to be taken from the driver's seat of his vehicle, shows the speedometer clocking in at 105 mph.

The caption under the photo reads: aLiL UnDer 120 OnPAcKeR aVE!!..yea digg????"

In other photos, he admits to "BObBiN ND WeEzzZiN" in and out of traffic and having a "NEeD 4 SPeEd????"

He writes that his car, which he identifies as a Lexus GS 300, is equipped with an alarm system, auto-start technology and a TV screen placed in the dashboard.

Genovese lists his occupation as "JuSt B DAt Boii!!!..." but goes on to list his income as $250,000 or more. In a separate section in which people typically write the companies they work for or are associated with, Genovese writes: "Chronic Dealer, Philadelphia, Pa US, HusLa, weed, dope, crack, heroin, meth., and wAT EVa U FIEn for!"

Genovese brags about how sexy he looks when he's high, and has posted pictures of himself smoking out of a bong.

"LOok AT ALL DATT WEeD!!!!" he wrote under one photo. "ahaha brought a POUNd just 2go 2pROM!!!!!!"

He also posted a picture of a sign, seen in many store windows throughout the city, that reads: "I proudly support the Philadelphia Police"

In the caption to that photo, Genovese writes that "i putt a dutch infront of the piggs posterr . . . "

A dutch, according to the Urban Dictionary, is a cigar wrapper that is typically used for rolling marijuana.

And, although he's been quoted on camera as saying that he's "not a drinker at all," there are at least nine photographs on his page in which he's pictured holding various types of alcohol.

"i DRAnK DAt WHOLE BOtTLe!!" he wrote under a picture of him holding a vodka bottle.

Genovese, who often refers to himself as a "star" and "famous," also posted pictures of graffiti of his nick-name, "J-Bones," sprayed on bathroom and brick walls.

"ALL BOUT $$, ALL BOUT SPRAYiN . . . " he wrote under one.

Some of his online friends seem to be just as oblivious to the severity of the charges facing him. One friend wrote that he was "never gettin aride" from Genovese again, while another said he needed to know how Genovese got his mugshot because he's been trying to get his hands on his own mugshot photo for a while.

On Tuesday, right before Genovese turned himself in to face vehicular homicide charges, the tone of his online postings changed drastically.

"im just waitin 4 demm 2 kum gett mee," he wrote to one friend. "i love youu u no i didnt want it 2 go this way godd just needed to teach me the ways of life the hard way to set me straight."

According to one law enforcement source, Genovese was nowhere near as tough as he appears on his MySpace page when he turned himself in with his lawyer and family on Tuesday afternoon to AID.

The teen looked "pale-faced and kept throwing up," the source said. The source said that Genovese didn't say much, except that he was distraught over the incident.

Louis Savino Jr., Genovese's lawyer, had no comment on the case, except to say that "we immediately surrendered him to police" when the charges against Genovese were upgraded.

Genovese now stands accused of involuntary manslaughter, homicide by vehicle, homicide by vehicle while under the influence and DUI in the death of Grassi.

He's also charged with aggravated assault, simple assault and recklessly endangering another person for the injuries suffered by Wacker, who remains in critical condition at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

He remains in prison, unable to post $200,000 bail.

Also pending against Genovese is a possession-of-marijuana charge from June, according to online court records. *