We asked Mayor Nutter what his goals are for his second year in office. Here's what he mentioned for 2009:

* Focusing continually on public safety. Nutter wants to reduce the number of homicides and other crimes below what they are now.

* Creating more jobs, with even more emphasis on the Office of Economic Opportunity, as well as creating green jobs.

* Improving customer service through programs like the 3-1-1 nonemergency-call center. Nutter said he wants people to say that Philadelphia is "the city that works" - both in terms of jobs for residents, but also that the city government is user-friendly.

* Working closely with President-elect Barack Obama on the recovery plan for cities. Nutter has proposed calling the city rescue plan HIRE - for Housing, Infrastructure, Revenue and Energy.

* Increasing the number of summer jobs available to young people. Nutter wants between 2,000 and 2,500 jobs available next summer.

* Ensuring that there is an after-school program available to every child in Philadelphia, something Nutter said has never been done before. *

- Catherine Lucey