A 17-year-old girl wept yesterday as she told a judge how much she suffers and how much she despises the man who abducted her, repeatedly raped her, slit her throat and tried to kill her.

"That man is cruel. . . . He hurt me so bad! He hurt me so bad!" she testified. "I hate him! I hate him so much in my life!"

On Jan. 3, 2008, Jason Johnson kidnapped the teen from a Frankford park and held her hostage for 12 hours.

Johnson in 2007 kidnapped another girl and sexually molested her in the same park.

Yesterday, Common Pleas Judge Albert Snite Jr. sentenced Johnson, 33, of East Frankford, to 22 1/2 to 45 years in state prison for the attacks on both girls.

Assistant District Attorney Bill Davis, who asked for a term of 35 to 70 years, told the judge that Johnson was "not an individual this court can trust to go out into society and not commit these crimes again."

The victim in the 2007 case was so distraught she did not want to come to court yesterday, he said.

Public defender Elizabeth McHugh presented evidence yesterday that Johnson grew up with attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder, but had never been treated. She said that he suffered abandonment issues because of an absentee father and because of time spent in foster homes.

Johnson, in a rambling statement, told the judge he understood "the severity of the crimes" and "realize I used very poor judgment." He said he has turned his life to God, and contended he could be productive in society.

Both girls were on their way to school when Johnson abducted them. Scott Cummings, who serves on a police advisory council and on neighborhood organizations, testified yesterday that parents in the area were terrified for their children's safety after hearing news of these cases.

In the 2008 case, Johnson confronted the then-16-year-old girl in a park at Orthodox and Leiper streets, then took her to his apartment on Orthodox Street near Lesher, where he raped her.

At some point, so he could leave the room, he tied her to his bed. He also choked her to unconsciousness. When she awoke, she found herself inside a big duffel bag.

In the late afternoon, Johnson forced her into his car and drove her to Wissinoming Park. On a park bench, he slit her throat.

He then dragged the bleeding girl back into his car, where he forced her to give him oral sex.

On Jan. 8, 2007, Johnson abducted a 14-year-old girl and forced her to the park at Orthodox and Leiper streets, where he demanded her panties, bra and school-uniform skirt and touched her vagina.

Johnson pleaded guilty in December to charges of attempted murder, rape, kidnapping, robbery and corrupting the morals of a minor in the 2008 case.

He pleaded guilty to kidnapping, aggravated indecent assault, robbery and corruption of a minor in the 2007 case.

Johnson is now in federal custody, serving an eight-year prison sentence for having robbed four banks and a store in 2007 and 2008. The judge ordered that his state sentence start after his federal sentence. *