Sarah, the Duchess of York formerly known as Fergie, held casual court in Philadelphia this afternoon. Over tea at the Four Seasons, she talked about Young Victoria, the sparkling biopic of a certain "steadfast and courageous" ancestor of her daughters.

The robust redhead produced the film about the monarch, one-half of a passionate love story and the teenager who, at the tender age of 18, ascended to England's throne and ruled her nation longer than any other. (The duchess' former mother-in-law, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, may yet prove to surpass Victoria's record.)

Jean-Marc Vallee's film, starring Emily Blunt as Queen Victoria and Rupert Friend as Prince Albert, will open at the Ritz Five tomorrow and select theaters nationwide. "And here we are with a Golden Globe nomination!" enthused Ferguson, proud of Blunt's best actress nod.

Every mom thinks her daughters are princesses. But not every mom is, like the Duchess of York, actually the mother of princesses fifth and sixth in line in succession to the throne. For Beatrice, 21, and Eugenie, 19, Young Victoria is not just a cracking romance and profile in courage but also a guide on how-to-handle-your-handlers.

"Victoria sends such a positive message for young people," said the duchess, 50, resplendent in a trim military-inspired black frock coat.