Jonathan Ramos, who challenged state Rep. Angel Cruz in last week's Democratic primary for his 180th District seat, is asking for an investigation into Cruz's Election Day behavior.

"I'm not looking for a recount," Ramos said at a news conference, surrounded by more than 30 supporters. "It's not about me anymore. I just want this injustice to end for the community."

Common Pleas Judge Dennis P. Cohen issued an injunction against Cruz on Election Day for allegedly intimidating voters and blocking some election workers' access to polling places.

Ramos asked the District Attorney's Office to investigate yesterday.

Cruz leads by 141 votes, according to preliminary totals.

Final results are expected to be released next Friday, according to election supervisor Bob Lee.

Ellen Maenner, the 7th Ward's Republican leader, said she witnessed Cruz threatening people at the polls and entering polling places without the right credentials.

"He's an elected official; he knows the law because he makes the laws," she said. "He violated them. There's pictures of it. He should be thrown out of office."

Joseph Evangelista, Cruz's office manager, didn't deny that Cruz had entered polling places, but said that he witnessed Ramos partaking in similar actions.

"He got into an argument with an elderly lady outside one of the polls," Evangelista said. "I saw him in an argument with a judge of elections. I kept running into him or his people at other polling places."

Evangelista, whose job on Election Day was to drive to polling places and make sure everything was running correctly, said that Cruz's supporters are just as infuriated.

"I know a guy who is willing to press charges against Ramos for threatening him at a polling place," he said.

Ramos said he was allowed to enter polling places in the 7th Ward because he had a poll-watcher certificate - something Cruz lacked. William Cartagena ran against Cruz in 2006 and said he experienced the same treatment.

"Election Day is not a day for intimidation," he said. "I don't care who wins, but Cruz is robbing the people of this opportunity."