Broad Street Bully spent last night embedded in the orange-blooded flood of his fellow Flyers fans at Chickie's & Pete's in South Philly, watching the Flyers lose a 2-1 heartbreaker in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals, floating on a sea of $2 drafts, still passionately pining for a parade.

HEAR NO EVIL: Cliff Brenner, 57, and Scott Beinstein, 49, Flyered-up friends from Northeast Philadelphia, watched the game on the big-screen TV with earphones in both ears, listening to the play-by-play on radio.

"I just want to hear from Flyers guys," Beinstein said. "You think I want to hear anything good about the other team? What are you, crazy?"

Brenner said: "We saw Game 7 of the Boston playoffs at the Wachovia Center with the rest of the crazies. It was like: 'Is this really happening?' When the horn went off, it was nuts."

Brenner said that he was at Frankford and Cottman when the Flyers won their first Stanley Cup in 1974.

"There were 10,000 people singing 'God Bless America,' " he said. "I had just turned 21.

"It was the best party night in America."

OUT OF HIDING: Keith Fournier, 34, of Cherry Hill, a transplanted Bostonian who has lived in the Philly area for three years, admitted he has been a Flyers fan since childhood.

"Ever since I learned that [Ron] Hextall was the first goalie ever to score a goal, I've been a Flyers fan," said Fournier, who was watching the game with friends Dino Buonopane, 44, of Warminster, and Jimmy Mirarchi, 41, also of Cherry Hill.

"Of course, I lived in Boston, so I've been a Flyers fan very quietly.

"I root for the other three Boston teams, so I haven't totally been banned from the state of Massachusetts," he said.

"But it's much easier being here rooting for the Flyers."

START 'EM YOUNG: Ralph Sheridan, 27, of South Philly, watched with his son Dominic, 3, who was fully Flyered-up with a Daniel Carcillo jersey and team beads.

During the first period, Dominic got on the Chickie's and Pete's bullhorn and screamed "Let's go Flyers" and "Peco power play!!"

A 'REAL FAN': As the second period started, Paul Trock, 48, said that he liked seeing the Flyers play much stronger on defense than they had in the first game.

Trock, of Wolf Street near Front, in South Philly, said that he's been a fan since he was 6.

"A neighbor who had season tickets got me some kid-sized souvenir sticks," he said.

"Most people on my street didn't know what hockey was, but I was 6 years old and I knew. So I'm a real fan."

He remembers playing street hockey "before they even called it street hockey." Once, while playing with friend Eddie Bagdon at Christmastime in the early '70s, "Eddie shot the puck right through my window," he said.

"It hit the Christmas tree. It hit the model railroad train going around the Christmas tree. There was glass everywhere.

"If the Flyers win this year, that's just crazy. My heart just wants to jump out of my chest. I love it!!"

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