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"It's religious freedom, it's fundamental, and there's no further argument that can be made against it. Being alive is never as important as living for what's in your heart."

- thefadd

"Even if medicine is rejected as man-made, penicillin's a mold and presumably would have been included when the world was created."

- Northern NJ.

"Thousands of people throughout the entire world are not punished for this crime."

- funnydoge

"If an adult chooses a religious behavior and suffers for it that is his business. Children are forced into the religion of their parents but should not die for it. 'Suffer the little children' was not a commandment."

- brentrn

"It is ironic that one can be prosecuted for this while abortions happen every minute of every day. Aren't they both the same thing?"

- freak